bride and groom exchange a kiss while sitting on a beautiful whicker chair

Boho Wedding at Camino Real Ranch

Jul 6, 2022

When C told me they decided to get married at Camino, I couldn’t contain my excitement! At that time I had just shot a styled shoot there and loved the venue so much. It’s the perfect spot if you’re looking for deserty vibes, don’t like grass – I may be the only one, but I kinda hate lots of greens in wedding pics lol – and want a beautiful blank slate to create your wedding in whatever style you desire. I can definitely see a 70’s theme developed in there, or very classic with lots of twinkle lights, or very very moroccan-boho. Seriously, it’s a bomb location! The couple was having too much fun dancing at the reception, but just so you know, there’s pretty cool bathtub in the bridal cottage that would be PERFECT for some shots of bride and groom with a bottle of champagne!

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