I was born in Italy in 1988 (Leo sun, Libra moon, Sag rising, Aries mars, Cancer venus, where are my astrology nerds?), spent most of my life in a small town on Garda Lake, 30 minutes away from Verona - kinda known for most Americans through Romeo and Juliet - and studied in Lille, France, for a semester in University and came back fully fluent - no, I don't remember sh*t anymore lol. Moved to the USA in 2015 to follow my husband and spent almost 5 years in the SF Bay Area with him. After divorce I needed a fresh start and moved to Texas, where I also opened my own boudoir studio.

I’m so happy you have found me. let's get to know each other...

I’m so happy you have found me.
let's get to know each other...

and Hey!


Starting from a few yards of fabric or, even better, some bedsheets from Good Will, and ending up with a full garment I can wear and get compliments on, makes me feel so accomplished! Sewing also saved me from the quarantine boredom!

Sewing is a huge passion of mine

Shooting photos for my food blog is how I learned how to use a DSLR. After spending 6 months taking pics for my first and only (for now) cookbook, I felt the need to portray "moving objects" and asked some friends if they could model for me. Months later, a friend asked me to shoot their wedding and now here we are.  

I wrote a cookbook!

I started dancing when I was 6 years old and I left at 23, when I decided that strict field wasn't for me anymore. But I know that learning the beauty of the body and its lines helps me every time I hold my camera and capture a subject, especially during a boudoir session.

Ballet and contemporary dance

coming soon