• I have been living in the States for 8 years now and I speak with my child(ren) in Italian most of the time trying to raise them bilingual (by the way, I'm a great option for you as photographer if you're planning a destination wedding in Italy ;) ).
  • I learned how to use a camera shooting food for my blog and after publishing a cookbook, I realized I wanted to capture humans more. 
  • I'm in my mid 30's, I gave birth to the a super cute girl in July '22 and I'm expecting baby #2 in February '24 - I'll test how terrible the famous 2 under 2 are!
  • I met my fiancĂ© a little over 3 years ago, he's an helicopter pilot and usually down to be in front of the camera (lucky me, he modeled professionally as a kid!).
  • One of the things that gives me the biggest high, it's thrifting blankets or bedsheets and using them to make jackets or dresses. I'd love to start a little side gig selling them.

A few more things about myself...

My photography approach

My style changes a little depending on the circumstances. At weddings I mostly have a documentary approach, letting the event naturally unfold but still making sure that enough time is reserved to get the special, more posed and dreamy portraits you deserve. I usually give my clients prompts during couple sessions and I help posing more in detail if it's needed - some people are just more comfortable showing affection in front of a stranger with a camera then others! Now boudoir, here's where I come with all the knowledge I have and help you showing my lens your best angles. I demonstrate every single pose and explain in detail how to move and pose every single part of your body. Sorry not sorry but most clients leave the session feeling, not only confident af, but also as if they just had a workout.

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