For those who want to have a day just for themselves, free of timelines and full of spontaneity, an elopement is definitely the way to go. It doesn't matter if you want to have a quick ceremony at the courthouse and celebrate with a burger from your favorite spot or hike in Great Falls Park to exchange your vows surrounded by natural beauty: it's gonna be just wonderful.

  • location scouting
  • timeline & planning help
  • online gallery of high res images + print release
  • sneak peeks within a week after the elopement 

Local elopements (for events over 80 miles from DC, a travel fee applies): starting at $800


Getting married surrounded by family and friends is irreplaceable for some. I mostly keep a documentary approach - meaning I'll let the interactions naturally unfold while capturing them - still making sure to create the time during the day for those dreamy and meaningful portraits you desire. I'll 100% help you with the timeline to ensure you won't be missing out.

  • location scouting
  • timeline & planning help
  • online gallery of high res images + print release
  • sneak peeks within a week after the wedding 

Local weddings (for events over 80 miles from DC, a small travel fee applies): starting at $2.700

Couples, engagements, family and boudoir sessions

  • 1 hour coverage 
  • location/studio scouting 
  • timeline & planning help
  • online gallery of high res images + print release
  • sneak peeks within 48h  

Starting at $600

Extra fees: 
  • for sessions over 80 miles from DC, a small travel fee applies
  • studio rental for boudoir sessions

Add these to your package

Printing your photos means creating legacy. You will love being able to browse to those images in 5, 10 or 30 years.

Starting at $800



For a completely different and unexpected point of view on your wedding or session. 

Flat fee of $500

"Valentina’s photos are phenomenal. It’s amazing how she can transform an entire environment and feeling through the lens. My husband and I hired her for a couples session to celebrate our one year wedding anniversary, and she made the experience as carefree as possible. We had a snafu with the venue (my bad), but she remained confident that we’d still get good photos and that helped put us at ease. So easy to get into contact with and so easy to talk to!"
"Valentina was an absolutely amazing wedding photographer! She was so positive, easy-going, and efficient. She was able to capture every special moment of our big day in such a magical way. Her candid style made it so that no moment was ever interrupted, so every movement and emotion was captured so organically. Working with Valentina was so fun and inviting that she made our wedding day that much more special! She also did a wonderful job editing all the photos and we are absolutely obsessed with every single picture! She was also a big hit with our families and I would choose Valentina to be our wedding photographer again and again!"

"It's hard to overstate how incredible Valentina is. From our engagement shoot to her shooting the wedding, we never felt awkward taking photos and we honestly ended up gaining a friend more so than a vendor. Nothing throws her off: I ended up falling into the creek during our engagement photo session and still ended up with photos I LOVE---and she was right there to laugh along with us, excited that we got to take photos in the water.

Valentina has an eye for *everything*, and maybe my favorite parts of the gallery were the moments I didn't even realize were happening at the time, all immortalized for us to reminisce on. She was always available, answered every single question we had, and took care of every general concern we had. In an industry where you feel like everyone is trying to upsell you simply because you have the word "wedding" attached to it, I don't regret spending a single cent on Valentina and her talent. Perhaps most importantly, she's also just real--human and willing to work with you; gets it.

When I was looking for a photographer I found it so hard to find someone who was in that sweet spot between moody and bright, wanting to use natural light and have joyous pictures that weren't too high contrast/making the entire image too white or too orange because everything has the same filter on it. We couldn't be happier with our choice."
"When I decided to do a boudoir shoot, I was filled with anxiety. I knew I’d be close to naked and my body image issues and insecurities crept in as the session grew closer. Day of, Valentina greets me with the biggest smile and warmest hug, all my anxiety melts away. Before I knew it I was dancing, enjoying my body, absolutely feeling myself. Val showed me how to do all the poses, did nothing but hype me up, and was so generous with her time and energy. AND THE PICTURES!!! Holy moley, I cried. I’d never seen myself in such a light, I was sexy, I was sensual, I was cute, I was beautiful, I was a WOMAN. I’ll never be able to repay her for the confidence she gave me. Long story short, book her for everything, if I would’ve met her sooner she would’ve definitely been our wedding photographer. She is worth it all!"


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