So, you want an album?

You spent a lot of money on your wedding or you picked for your engagement session a location that's so close to your heart. You looked at your gallery multiple times, shared the photos online...but think about 5, 10, 25 years for now. You may not remember where you saved the gallery anymore, and your kids, nieces and nephews will have to stare at a screen to look at your special memories. Is that really what you want? 

I'm the first one who's terrible at printing photos. That's why I bought a couple of polaroids cameras for me and my partner! But for important moments like these, I would definitely want something more. Especially now with a baby on the way, I feel the need to create something TANGIBLE. And I want to give y'all that chance as well.

I know, you can make yourself an album from some online websites for a reasonable price, so why would you spend hundreds of dollars on one of mine?
  • These albums are printed with archival inks, which ensure you can pass your book to your grandkids still looking great
  • The seamless spreads let your photos enjoy center stage 
  • The fine art paper makes sure archival inks are rich and brilliant
  • I'll take care of designing the album for you! You'll get a link to approve the layout or apply changes, until we reach the book of your dreams
  • Many many different choices for the cover (see below for options)



DEBOSSING ( TITLE for the front)